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Asking Why Not?

So in the first blog on a site about asking 'why?', I thought I’d start in the opposite place by asking, 'why not?'

Why not start a website?

Why not put yourself out into the Internet?

Why not share your ideas through social media?

I’ve been hiding out and keeping a low profile since the Internet came into our daily lives. I don’t like having my picture taken, I rarely have my phone with me, and as an introvert, I like to keep my contact list small and with meaningful relationships.

But my life has changed in the last year: I took a leave from my school and board where I’ve worked for the last 24 years. I moved more than 3 hours from my family and town where I’ve lived the majority of my life. I became an occasional teacher in a new board where I’m a nobody. And I took a risk and joined a friend in a writing venture.

So it’s time.

It’s time to move past the excuses. You don’t need me to tell you what they are. You can probably list them and add more that I haven’t thought of yet.

It’s time to move my expertise and passion to new mediums. It’s time for me to find a larger audience. It’s time for me to do more.

It’s time for me to come alongside other teachers in ways that I wish had been offered to me early in my career. It’s time for me to make my revolution public. It’s time for me to speak out and speak up about what needs to change in the education sector.

It’s time for me to move past the ‘why not’ to work on the answers to ‘why’.

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